About us

Afrostymorning consists of Cecilia Mella and Viktoria Mattson. They met when they worked for the same company some time ago. Now they are back together again and Afrostymorning was born.

Cecilia Mella

Cecilia is responsible for design and production. She originates from the north of Sweden but now lives in stockholm. Cecilia is married to Stig and they have 2 kids, Märtha and Ingrid and a third on the way

Viktoria Mattson

Viktoria is responsible for marketing, sales and production. She also comes from the north of Sweden, where she now also resides with partner Neil and daughter Klara,after years in Stockholm and Dublin, Ireland.

We wish to express our big thanks to Irina Nilsson for taking all the pictures
on this web site,
We also like to thank Karolina Sjöholm, copy, Mikael Kaulanen, programming,
Pelle Olsson, PHP-support, Emma Krantz,copy
and all our families for their constant support

Also, thank you to Kulturhuset and the Library in Luleå for letting us use it in our photo session.